Trading the post

Ron Friedman’s rules-based options methodology for all market environments.


What is Trading the Post?

Trading the Post is the trading methodology developed by Ron “Ronchero” Friedman. While Trading the Post originally constituted taking long-term positions in LEAPS and subsequently selling short-dated options “against” those positions to collect premium, the arsenal of tools used by Trading the Post members has radically expanded.

Now, Trading the Post is a full-suite of options methodologies selectively applied to match current market conditions. Whether they’re scalping shorts, swinging long, or staking out longer term positions, members pursue:

Optimal risk management

Short-term income generation

Significant potential upside on longer timeframes

Trading the Post’s rules-based structure makes it easy to follow, adaptable to any market environment, and usable with virtually any account size.

Equally important, it can be executed with as little as a few hours of trading time per week.

THe Difference

Trade With Ron

Join the room and trade alongside Ron all day, every day. Ask questions and get his feedback on trade ideas. Look at the names he's trading and setups he's watching. Track his entries and exits.

What's Included:

Weekly Webinars with Ron

On Mondays and Thursdays, Ron hosts live screenshare webinars where he reviews trades he's executed, evaluates developing trade setups, and answers member questions.

All webinars are recorded and available to members in our library.

Video Classes and Handouts

Access the Trading the Post video course, including:

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis and Using It with TTP
  • Support and Resistance
  • Crash Protection
  • Choosing a Candidate
  • Iron Condors and Morphing Guidelines (for writing options)
  • Navigating Pattern Day Trading
  • Using Tape Reading and Flow Trading
Chat Room

Trade with Ron in the members-only Trading the Post chat rooms.
Ron and our members call out setups and trades they’re taking during market hours, every day.

We post swing positions, weekly iron condors and LEAPS in our dedicated Positions room.


From Our Members

The following are just a few, unedited examples taken from the live chat in the Trading the Post rooms. Forgive the typos… members were focused on profits, not punctuation.
A strategy is the result of you solving a problem.
Ronchero’s Trading the Post is a collection of solutions to the problems he encountered and had to solve on his own path to becoming a consistency successful trader. It so happens the problems he faced are the same ones most of us encounter everyday.

Join Trading the Post

One-time purchase: $1,500

We proudly offer a money-back guarantee for Trading the Post.
If you don't feel your trading has improved by the end of your package, we'll fund your tuition, no questions asked.

Includes educational course + 3 months of Trading the Post membership access.

There are no guarantees in this business. Your job is to put the probabilities in your favor and ruthlessly manage your risk. If you do that over time, the odds are that you will make money.

You must learn multiple strategies, master them, and apply them when market conditions allow them, not the other way around.

The market does not care what your opinion is, and has the ability to stay irrational far longer than you can stay solvent.

Resist the temptation to be right. No one cares. Embrace the wave regardless of direction, recognize when it shifts, and execute. Your goal should be to survive, profit, and keep moving. That’s all it takes.

About Ron “Ronchero” Friedman

When Ron stumbled onto Sang Lucci and Wall St. Jesus in 2017, he had been trading successfully for years. It didn’t come easily: multiple blown up accounts, countless hours of study and sacrifice, and enough mental agony to last a lifetime. Through the mentorship of a former market maker and his own perseverance, Ron developed a deep understanding of equities and options markets as well as the strategies to pull consistent profits from them.

But his insatiable desire to grow his trading arsenal drew him to Sang Lucci and Wall St. Jesus, where he quickly realized Tape Reading and flow trading could give him an unparalleled understanding of why moves happen, when they’re happening, and how to play them. Under Sang Lucci and Wall St. Jesus’ mentorship, Ron mastered Tape Reading and flow trading, and soon after combined all of his market knowledge into a single, comprehensive methodology: Trading the Post.

Now, Ron is the first individual Sang Lucci has ever invited to be a guest educator in the Sang Lucci Master Course, and his Trading the Post strategy has made consistent, risk-optimized options trading accessible to hundreds of his students. His passion, patience, and teaching ability make him the ideal mentor for traders of all backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TTP suitable for small accounts?

Yes, it is. Ron has had to rebuild his accounts, starting with $5K. He certainly knows about the limitations of PDT, the patience and discipline required, and which strategies help to grow an account sustainably. Ron is also trading a few small accounts “on the side” to keep fresh with what needs to be done there.

Specifically, Ron teaches iron condors to collect premium, which can be used with small accounts. Each wee how to identify the names, how to set the levels.

Do I need to be at the computer all day to use this service?

No, you don’t. There are parts of TTP that can certainly be done part-time. But Ron is an active, professional trader, and he is in the room and trading with the members. If you have limited time, you can follow the webinars (recordings), and keep an eye on the mini-swing and LEAPS positions, which Ron will discuss during the webinars. None of the longer term trades happen unplanned and without prior consideration of the conditions to enter, i.e. price levels, order flow, etc. We all keep track of all such positions and post them in a dedicated room, including option strikes and expiration dates.

What stocks does the Trading the Post room normally trade?

Mainly tech names, but really, anything that provides opportunity. For LEAPS positions, Ron has a checklist for identifying quality companies which you will get as part of the course.

How does Trading the Post differ from the Steamroom?

The Steamroom is a community of traders who are utilizing order flow as curated and commented on by Wall St. Jesus. Many of the Trading the Post members, as well as Ron, are also using order flow. Primarily though, Ron wants to be in positions early, often based on his acute technical analysis, and then have order flow confirm his positions.

Will Trading the Post give me actionable trade alerts?

If you expect pure buy and sell signals, no. Ron’s goal is to teach people his skillset and make them self-sufficient, teaching you how to fish. You will get insight into any and all positions and trades Ron is considering and evaluating, often discussed in details on the webinars. He will also share his perspective on setups members bring up during those webinars.

We also keep track of and post the miniswing and LEAPS positions Ron is taking.

Does Trading the Post primarily trade LEAPS?

Not primarily, but spotting opportunities to establish a LEAPS position and the trading around that “Post” is what Ron considers the best way to make significant gains in your account. Ron is scalping and day trading in order to finance his larger and long term positions, or to trade around them.